Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #3

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– Links to the different sections in mp3 :

News Roar of the MonthFanfictionsFanarts Interview


– Link to the video :




3rd podcast : “Angela is like the Yoko Ono of Gargoyles”

Coda-leia – Stan4Us – TaliaLevid – Guardian105

First I’d like to apologize for the transitions and editing in this podcast. It was harder than it used to be ! I promise we’ll pay more attention to them in the future !

Another note : this was recorded before the releasing of Gargoyles Season 2 part 2 DVDs, so we were still waiting for tangible evidences (like adds are real annoucements). Now we know that it’s here for real 🙂


 – Table of Contents –


Gargoyles Theme : Property of Disney / Carl Johnson


– News and introductions

-Welcome to our new member ! Welcome on board, Carole 😉

– Gargoyles Season 2 Part 2 DVD releasing : AT LAST !! (infos and how to) exclusively on Disney Movie Club


 – Roaaar of the Month

The morals and messages in the episods

Source : Gargwiki

– The Price (appreciation of life/what you have, not what you don’t),

Outfoxed (responsibility of actions/actions have consequences),

Deadly Force (gun safety),

The Green (environmentalism),

Lighthouse in the Sea of Time (literacy),

The Thrill of the Hunt (can’t believe everything you see/trust your instincts),

Temptation (loyalty, don’t think with the wrong head, Brooklyn ;)),

Double Jeopardy, The Reckoning, and any ep with the mutates (Don’t play God),

Heritage (respect your roots),

– The Mirror (be careful what you wish for)

M.I.A (evil succeeds only when good does nothing)

– Fanfictions

Gargoyles Island by KnightMysterio on

 Creation and Decimation by ImmortalBond on DA


– Fanarts

Apocalyptica – Gargoyles – Rider 4Z (Victoria Rider Galietta)

Demona by Lauren Montgomery

Gargoyle by Bananawork (Stephany Hamm)


– Interview

Sandra Chiem aka YoukaiYume


Personal Website


  1. Quincey Forder

    Great episode!
    Would love to see a Awakening/Shadows of the Past/Long Way To The Morning with Fever Ray’s If I Had A Heart as song

    on fanfiction, what are the two stories one of you mentioned that you posted? could you send me a link, please?

    Hear of you guys soon!

    • Hello ! Thanks a lot for the comment and glad you liked it ! 😀
      We note your fanfictions suggestions !
      Do you mean the two fanfictions Charles talked about here ? They are “Gargoyles Island” and “Creation and Decimation”. You can find the links right here a little bit above, in the table of contents 🙂

      • Quincey Forder

        Not them, I read them a while ago (I love Creation and Decimation! it had a bit of a Silent Hill feel about it, I though)
        I meant the fanfiction one of you guys wrote

        what I was suggesting wasn’t a fanfic idea, but a fanvid idea. “If I had an heart” is the opening of the series Vikings, aired on History Channel in the States and on ARTE in Europe. Though it would make a nice viking themed Gargoyles video ^^

        • Oh right !! sorry, I misunderstood ^^;
          I know that Charles wrote stories for his Underground warriors clan (it’s on DA), Carole wrote fanfics with her Guardian character (it’s on her DA page too), Lisa’s stories are on her DA page as well, and mine with Paris’ clan are on our blog :
          I should watch this Viking series indeed ! that sounds promising !

        • Mornin’ Quincy! I recall that I alluded to “my fanfic debut,” is that what you’re referring to?

  2. Need a Spoiler warning sound for future episodes? I love to make noises. 🙂

  3. Thrilled you guys got Carole on, she’s a delight! Since you’ve got her, I’ll tag along where I can. 🙂

  4. Loved that video and the interview with YoukaiYume (so upset I wasn’t part of this for that interview I love her so much)

    You guys are doing great! I’m so proud!~♥

    Keep doing well! I will always watch you ^^

    Love, Meg

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