Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #4


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4th podcast : “Isn’t that what Gargoyles is about anyway ?”

Coda-leia – Stan4Us – TaliaLevid – Guardian105


– Table of Contents –


Gargoyles Theme : Property of Disney / Carl Johnson


– News and introductions

– Season 2 Part 2 DVDs on Disney Movie Club

CONvergence Comic Con in Minneapolis in July 2014 and its special Gargoyles 20th anniversary panel


– Roaaar of the Month

Pop Culture References

– Fanfictions

‘Shellshocked!’ by Stephen R Sobotka on FF.Net

“Heetseeker’ and ‘Rematch’ by Fire Redhead on Gargoyles Fan Fiction Archives.


– Fanarts

Neon Gargoyles Evangelion by Rita Micozzi

Rigging up the lights and Saturday Nights in NY – Gargoyles & TMNT by Zero-Mayhem

Gargoyles Kingdom Hearts by LynxGriffin

AMV Rammstein “Sonne” – Gargoyles by Zetan4


– Interview

Christine Morgan

Personal Website

– SableDrake Enterprises


  1. Amazing! Can’t wait for the next one!

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