Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #7

For this 7th podcast, we made a special one for the christmas holidays 😀  For the first time we have a double interview with Mike Rieger and Michael MacAdam so therefore, the interview is a little bit longer and totally crazier XD

So for this time, the videocast will be cut in two parts. The news/Roar/Fanfics and Fanarts on one hand and the interview on the other hand.

Enjoy the whole thing and have a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones !


Link to the mp3 (full length) (Right clic + save)

– Links to the different sections in mp3 :

News –  Roar of the MonthFanfictions Fanarts Interview


– Link to the videos :

PART 1 : With the News, Roar of the month, Fanfictions and Fanarts

PART 2 : Interview  with Mike Rieger (Hawkstone) and Michael McAdam (Riverdale) from the Two Gargoyles Detectives comics




7th podcast : Jockativity !

Coda-leia – Stan4Us – TaliaLevid – Guardian105


– Table of Contents –
Gargoyles Theme : Property of Disney / Carl Johnson


– News (00:00:00)

CONvergence convention in Minneapolis : July 3-6, 2014







Fan of the week on Tumblr

GRA Pinterest : Gargoyles references for artists


– Roaaar of the Month (00:07:39)

Clans from Gargoyles Nation


Source : Gargwiki


– Fanfictions (00:50:32)

– ‘Gargoyles 2198’ by Gryphinwyrm7 on FF.Net –

– ‘The Siberia Saga’ by Brasc on FF.Net and Gargoyles Fan Fiction Archive – and

– Fanarts (00:56:29)

Bushido by SyrusbLiz :

Gargoyles Leaders by Darkclaw1303 :

Doppleganger Commission by Rhandi-Mask :

MLP London Clan by Nebulan :


– Interview (01:06:10) and Video n°2

Mike Rieger (Hawkstone) and Michael McAdam (Riverdale)


Mike Rieger’s links :

The Two Gargoyles Comics :


Michael McAdam :


Jeremy Thew :


  1. Hey when’s episode 8 coming out?

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