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Greetings listeners,

Within the past week it has come to our attention that Charles Jackson spoke to a number of you regarding issues that the three of us had with him regarding his behavior on the podcast and in personal conversations with us.

Let us be clear: what he did was unprofessional, and those he contacted had no business publicly airing the grievances on Charles’ behalf.

Of the four of us, Charles is the only person who spoke to others outside our circle with the intention of making these issues public.  The three of us understood the nature of our discussions with Charles was inherently private, and we chose to keep them that way.  Charles did not.

Of those he contacted, a number of you reached out to us instead of publicly airing the grievances, and for that we thank you.  However, the fact that Charles asked others to speak out on his behalf has forced our hand, and as a result of his poor choices Charles is no longer considered affiliated with the Gargoyles Reawakening podcast or project.

We ask that you do not publicly post questions regarding Charles’ departure, but rather that you seek any of us privately to discuss the matter.  The matter in and of itself is quite delicate, and we do not wish to further sully Charles’ online presence with preventable mudslinging.

Because of this incident, the three of us are in a sort of “Red Alert” mode.  We’re doing some damage control, and we’re figuring out where to go from here.  Podcast 9, Part Two will be posted within a couple weeks.  For those of you that have stuck with us from the beginning, and for those that we have lost, we invite you to join us in this true reawakening.


Carole/Guardian; Karell/coda-leia; Lisa/TaliaLevid

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