Fan of the Week is back !

We’re back by popular demand! In our recent survey on, we received numerous requests to revive Fan of the Week as a way to celebrate the individuals who make up our fandom. Well, you asked and we listened. Starting this month, Fan of the Week lives again!!

In the tradition of keeping the Gargoyles fandom alive, we bring to you the Gargoyles Fan of the Week. During this week, we will feature a fan whose artwork, fanfiction, merchandise collections, or anything else that demonstrates their love of all things Gargoyles!

A long hiatus really allows one to appreciate the fandom and it seems only right to return with the King of Gargoyles himself, Greg Bishansky. Whether he’s organizing a Gathering, rallying the troops to support a Real Gargoyles movie, providing useful tips on how to contact Disney to release Season 2 Part 2, or simply sharing his wealth of knowledge from various resources, GregXB is a forerunner and deserves nothing short of a standing ovation. He’s been with the fandom since the beginning and we’re lucky to have him. Congratulations, Greg

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