Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #10

Hello everygoyle !!

Yes ! We’re back with Podcast 10 today !

One month after Convergence and our very first Gargoyles meeting, we came back to talk to you about this awesome convention and with an interview with Jennifer L. Anderson, our very own Crzy Demona !

Hope you’ll enjoy it !



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News Fanarts –  Roar of the MonthInterview


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10th podcast : It is canyon !

Coda-leia – TaliaLevid – Guardian105


– Table of Contents –
Gargoyles Theme : Property of Disney / Carl Johnson


– News (00:01:00)

LOTS of News this time !!

AV Club reviews

Disney Afternoon Forever Announcement on Facebook :

Greg Weisman has an official Facebook page :

Release of Greg Weisman’s books  : “Rain of the Ghosts” and “Spirits of Ash and Foam”

About Charles and our issues with him, we’ll keep it private, we said what we had to say and we’ll stay true to what we expressed in this news section. We truly wish him the best for the future and good luck with everything.
Now the case is closed and we move on 🙂


– Fanarts (00:13:22)

Elisa from Gargoyles. EP: Seeing Isn’t Believing by Elf_fin

Gargoyles Hudson by UltimateOshima

– Caught in the Act by Smurfbreeder


– Roaaar of the Month (00:24:39)

CONvergence Convention !


On Facebook : and check our photos on our facebook page !


– Interview (01:12:53)


Jennifer L. Anderson (aka CrzyDemona)

Deviantart :

Tumblr :



  1. Hey folks! Great work as usual. Gentle critique to Carol: let your interviewee tell their story, don’t start telling YOUR story in the middle of it. Less is more.

    • Carole/'Blaster' Guardian

      Much obliged for the feedback, friend! I know I have a tendency to ramble, thanks for calling me on it! I’ll be sure to keep that in mind in subsequent interviews.

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