Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #1

Hi Guys !!! Here it is ! WE FINALLY DID IT ! Here is the first Podcast dedicated entirely to Disney’s Gargoyles.

I prefer to be clear, this is made for fans by fans.  This has no else vocation but to share our love of that fantastic animated show with the fans all over the world.

Note :  the youtube page has working timestamps so you can jump to any chapter you want 🙂



– link to the MP3 (right clic + save as)

*NEW *- Links to the different sections in mp3 :

Roar of the monthFanfictions Fanarts Interview

Video :



1st podcast : “And They Live Again!”

Coda-leia – Stan4Us – TaliaLevid

 – Table of Contents –

 Gargoyles Theme : Property of Disney / Carl Johnson

– News and introductions (00:01:00)


 – Roaaar of the Month (00:11:20)

Gargoyles : An introduction to the TV Show



– Fanfictions (00:32:00)

Quill N. Inque – “Gargoyles Goes To Washington” Quill ‘n Ink on

Wakebytheriver – Here We Are Juggernaut


– Fanarts (00:40:30)

Gargoyles Gypsies by Bonegoddess (Stephanie Lostimolo –
Brooklyn Plush by Teela-B (SEM –
Gargoyles: Gar-girls by YoukaiYume (Sandra Chiem –


– Interview (01:07:07)

Kanthara (Karine Charlebois)


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