Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #11

EDIT : One listener pointed me that there was a problem in the interview, a error from the editing. I fixed it in the mp3 files but it’s still appearing in the video.


Hello everygoyle !!

Here we are with Podcast 11 !

This time we have the pleasure to welcome a long time fan during all the show : Greg Bishansky, aka GregXB. We covered all the “City of Stone” ark together as you’ll see.

This time, no fanarts as the show was already tremendously long. As well the video is not very necessary as we don’t have pictures to show but for those who use Youtube even to listen to our podcast, we’ve made a video 🙂

Enjoy !



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– Links to the different sections in mp3 :

News – Roar of the MonthInterview


– Link to the video


11th podcast – City of Stone

Coda-leia – TaliaLevid – Guardian105


– Table of Contents –
Gargoyles Theme : Property of Disney / Carl Johnson


– News (00:01:00)

Greg Weisman’s books  : “Rain of the Ghosts” and “Spirits of Ash and Foam”

AV Club reviews

Disney Afternoon Forever Announcement on Facebook :

Greg Weisman has an official Facebook page :


– Roaaar of the Month (00:05:48)


City of Stone

City of Stone

This episod in 4 parts is located in Season 2 : S02E09 to S02E12

This ark is very important for the understanding of Demona character and her past as well as her magical bond to Macbeth.

Here you’ll find The episod guides on Gargoyles Wiki :

City of Stone Part 1
City of Stone Part 2
City of Stone Part 3
City of Stone Part 4

– Interview (01:10:08)


Our guest is Greg Bishansky (aka GregXB)

His Fanfiction : Rhapsody

Spiderman Podcast : Spidey Dude

His Tumblr : Greg’s Blog of Clue-by-Fours

His blog : Greg’s Blog of Clue-by-Fours



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