Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #13

Hello everygoyle !!

After many months of absence we come back with a new podcast. We decided to change slightly our shows, making them shorter. This would allow us to make podcasts more often and you to enjoy them in an easier way.

So this time we give you some news and the Roar of the Month about how to create believable OC’s. Interview will come back on its own on the next one 🙂


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– GRA Podcast #13 part 2 Link to the mp3 (full length) (Right clic + save)

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13th podcast – Podcast of Doom

Coda-leia – TaliaLevid – Guardian105


– Table of Contents –
Gargoyles Theme : Property of Disney / Carl Johnson

  •  Part 1

– News (00:01:00)

We recorded this podcast a few weeks ago so the informations about the Kickstarter campaign were not up to date. We can proudly say that this project is now founded 😀

CAGE Informers :

Rain of the Ghosts’ Kickstarter :

Jennifer Anderson’s Jamberry shop :

Christine Morgan’s online garage sale :

Kanthara Draws :

Deviantart Gargoyles Friday fanart :


– Roaaar of the Month (00:04:53)

How to create great and believable OC’s

Check Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler‘s books ! It’s really worth reading if you’re intending to write seriously.

See you on our next Podcast 13-2 to have our next interview 🙂

Seeya !


  • PART 2

– News (00:01:00)

Rain of the Ghosts Kickstarter is over and we did it ! 😀 Though, it’s still possible to donate ! >> Go to the Rain of the Ghosts Kickstarter page <<

– Interview with Carole Lee (aka Guardian and one of your very hosts :D) (00:07:36)

♦ Her deviantart :

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