Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #15

Podcast_15Hey Everygoyle !

Here we are ! Back on the saddle ! Today we propose you a shorter podcast : a discussion about S01E06 of Gargoyles : The Thrill of the Hunt


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We decided to add this little game to our podcast. There’s no reward, except some shout out in our next podcast and the pleasure to be right 😛
To participate, put your answer here in the comments section on our facebook page 🙂 Easy !!

Are you ready to play ?

– Hatchling level : What are the names of the members of the Pack ?

– Gargoyles level : In what order do Goliath and Lexington take out the members of the Pack ?

– Oberon level : Which voice actor does not have their name listed in the credits ?

Here we go ! See you at the next dusk !


  1. Excellent episode as usual!

    Personally I like having the trivia at the end as sort of the dessert after the proper meal of the podcast.

    I’m ashamed to say I am only Hatchling Level on the trivia this time.
    Fox, Hyena, Jackal, Wolf, and Dingo.

    • Thanks a lot ! 😀
      I agree with you ^^ I like the trivia at the end like the cherry on the cake ^^
      I feel you XD I’m hatchling level too :p Mostly because I watched the episod in french XD ahah
      Glad you like it 😉

  2. My friends and I are planning to start an audio only episode a week podcast for gargoyles and we would love to mention your series when we start. Would you two be okay with that? I don’t wanna step on your toes as I love the series and it would be a very ungoliath thing to do. Thank you.

    • Hey hello !
      Of course ! That’s an awesome news ! The more there are stuff about Gargoyles, the more the happiest !
      Can you give us the podcast url once it’s aired ? We’d be delighted to talk about it in our next show !

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