Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #17

Podcast #17 – Caterpillar Tony

Hey Everygoyle !

Here is March’s episod (well… recorded in march !)
This time we have the pleasure to discuss about Deadly Force episod with Mike Rieger and Michael MacAdam (Hawkstone and Riverdale) which you may already have hears on our Episod 7


Link to the full MP3

– Link to the videos :



We decided to continue with this little game in our podcast. There’s no reward, except some shout out in our next podcast and the pleasure to be right 😛
To participate, put your answer here in the comments section on our facebook page 🙂 Easy !!

Are you ready to play ?

– Hatchling level : Name the members of the Maza family !

– Gargoyles level : What is Doctor Sato’s first name ?

Here are the links to the Two Mikes :

Mike Rieger’s links :

The Two Gargoyles Comics :

Michael McAdam :

Here we go ! See you at the next dusk !



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