Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #18

Podcast #18 – Awakening part 1 & 2 with GregX

Hey Everygoyle !

Here comes the new episod !
Well… we talk about the Awakening episodes arc, so no kidding, we wille need more episods of this podcast to fully talk about it !

And, we have the privilege to discuss with GregX, fine connoisseur of all Gargoyles 🙂

You’ll find here several links : the full episod (1h30 long, yes), Awakening part1, Awakening part 2 and the interview wit hGreg about his current fanfictions.
All the links are right here down below


Link to the full MP3 (1h30 long)
– Link to Awakening Part 1 
– Link to Awakening part 2
– Link to the interview with GregX

– Link to the videos :


We decided to continue with this little game in our podcast. There’s no reward, except some shout out in our next podcast and the pleasure to be right 😛
To participate, put your answer here in the comments section on our facebook page 🙂 Easy !!

Are you ready to play ?

  • There is a scene where Hudson receives his sword. Which Episod is it ?

Here are the links to GregX fanfictions :
Spiderman Podcast : Spidey Dude
His Tumblr : Greg’s Blog of Clue-by-Fours
His blog : Greg’s Blog of Clue-by-Fours



  1. Cosmina Inspira

    Hello to the Reawakening Podcast,

    I’ve been wanting to say hi and I have only recently in the last year found your podcast and have really enjoyed it so far and look forward to more. I only now got the courage to say hi as I’m kinda shy and for other reasons.

    I’m probably one of several listeners who wishes you could update and post podcasts more often, as there are so many interesting topics to discuss and I’ve been looking for other Gargoyles fans to talk to for along time. But it is understandable do to scheduling and real life necessities.

    Anyway, my involvement of Gargoyles goes back to the Disney shows of the 1990s and I loved all the shows they did then and Gargoyles was my top favorite. Yet, as the internet was in its beginnings I didn’t really know about the robust fandom until years later and I’m sorry I missed so much. My current involvement is I now write my own fan fiction series which I post on the old Gargoyles Fans website and at, and I draw my own original characters.

    I would love to hear from you, and I look forward to part two of this podcast about the Awakening story arch and more podcasts in the future.

    • Hey hello !
      Thanks a lot for your support ! it means a lot to us !
      I wish we could do this podcast more often ! We’re doing all our best to keep on recording despise our busy life schedules.
      We’re really glad to know that you too, you’re contributing to the Gargoyles fandom. Every brick in the wall is important !

      We still have to record this Part II of Awakening story arc but it will be released this summer 🙂
      Take care !

  2. Hello,

    I’m just writing to say hi and wondering when the next podcast will be as I look forward to part 2 of your Awakening discussion.

    My favorite part has always been part 3 of Awakening as it’s laid back a bit and hints at the Goliath/Elisa shipping romance. I do like the brief reunion of Goliath and Demona but she quickly shows her path soon and doesn’t seem to want to walk away from it and move on, so who knows how that could’ve happened.

    The ridiculousness with the Trio still makes me laugh, too.

    Have a great one.

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