Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #18

Podcast #18 – Awakening part 1 & 2 with GregX

Hey Everygoyle !

Here comes the new episod !
Well… we talk about the Awakening episodes arc, so no kidding, we wille need more episods of this podcast to fully talk about it !

And, we have the privilege to discuss with GregX, fine connoisseur of all Gargoyles 🙂

You’ll find here several links : the full episod (1h30 long, yes), Awakening part1, Awakening part 2 and the interview wit hGreg about his current fanfictions.
All the links are right here down below


Link to the full MP3 (1h30 long)
– Link to Awakening Part 1 
– Link to Awakening part 2
– Link to the interview with GregX

– Link to the videos :


We decided to continue with this little game in our podcast. There’s no reward, except some shout out in our next podcast and the pleasure to be right 😛
To participate, put your answer here in the comments section on our facebook page 🙂 Easy !!

Are you ready to play ?

  • There is a scene where Hudson receives his sword. Which Episod is it ?

Here are the links to GregX fanfictions :
Spiderman Podcast : Spidey Dude
His Tumblr : Greg’s Blog of Clue-by-Fours
His blog : Greg’s Blog of Clue-by-Fours


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