Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #20

Gargoyles Reawakening Podcast #20

Podcast #20 – Awakening part 4 and 5 with GregX – Last podcast !

Hey Everygoyle !

We’re back with a new episod ! Sadly, it will be our last one. Lisa and I (Karell) have decided that it was time for us to bow out. After 7 years of doing this podcast – and 20 episods ! – We came to a point that it was time to pass the baton and encourage any other fan that wants to contribute to Gargoyles Fandom like we did, keeping spreading the word, keeping remembering how great that show was and how deep it made an impression on us.

Of course you’re free to reach at us if you are interested in launching your own podcast about Gargoyles, we have plenty of advices to share !

So this is the last one, and we’re happy to be joined by Greg XB to finish our discussion about the Awakening episodes arc, focusing on Part 4 and 5 here !

Of course every podcast will still be available on your Youtube channel so you can have a look (and a ear) at the former podcast. This website will be up until May 2020, and after this date, we’ll do our best to post the mp3 on another platform so you’ll still be able to listen to them!

NONETHELESS ! We have exciting news : We’ll be talking about the Gargoyles Pop Funko releases, Greg will be talking about new fanfictions in Age of Gargoyles, his future project about a brand new Gargoyles Podcast called “VOICES OF THE EYRIE” hosted by himself, several other hosts. How cool is that ?!
BUT I’M NOT FINISHED YET ! There is a Discord now, opened to any Gargoyles fan, you can come and join there to talk and share about Gargoyles all day long !

Follow the link :

As usual, you’ll find here several links : the full episod (1h44 long !) with a interview of Greg and his latest fanfictions, and the discussion about Awakening part 4 and 5.

For the ones who are interested in the fanfictions : here is the link to the Age of Gargoyles on

All the links are right here down below


Link to the full MP3 (1h43 long)

– Link to the video :

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