Podcast Rules

This website is our official platform, as well as Facebook, Twitter and DA (links are on the Contact page, just above the headers)

– This podcast is meant to be once a month. Every one will be announced here and on the different platforms

– This is a non-commercial project, only animated by our love of the show. We take no profits and every copyright of materials are their creators/owners’ property.

– We count on you to be interactive, you can ask us questions we would  answer on the next episod, do some suggestions etc, in a cordial way of course.

– You’ll be able to find here mp3 version as well as video version  of our Podcast (yes there will be things to see as well as to listen to).
Every links that we talked about will be available here too.

So be sure to update your browser bookmarks and feel free to come, comment and show your support !

With Love, Gargoyles-Lovers



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