Alias : Coda-leia (Karell)

Role : the european girl – The website creator and Podcast founder

Section : Fanarts

Specificity : Co-creator of Paris’ Clan, works in the Animation industry

Link :





Alias : Talialevid (Lisa)

Role : Freshness and laugh

Section : Roar of the Month

Specificity : the only married and a happy mom of a baby boy

Link :






Alias : Guardian105 (Carole)

Role : Gargoyles erudition

Section : Interview

Specificity : lives in the Golden State

Link :






Alias : Stan4Us (Charles)

Role : only guy on the show ^^

Section : Fanfiction

Specificity : Creator of the Underground Warriors

Link :



  1. DragonoftheMoon13

    Yo! ^^ This is SO freaking awesome! I can’t believe you have a website! Epicness~!

  2. Meg Ryon/xGumChewingGunnerx/RollaD6

    MISSS YOOOOOUUUUUUUUU TOOOOO!!!! T.T Why did you remember all of my usernamesss??? XD
    You guys have done a great job!! I’m sorry I disappeared… uh… from everything. My life just… flopped. XP
    I don’t know when I’ll be back, but I definitely want to came back eventually, if you would still want me in the future ^^

    I see you, even though you can’t see me 🙂

    Still here for you guys! All my love! ♥

    • Oh Meg !!! I’m so glad to hear from you and know you’re ok !!! I hope you’re doing fine and I hope you liked our first show 😀 I think we did a great job ^^
      I’m sure there will be some space for you when you’ll come back 😀

      Take care and come back to us safe and sound !
      <3 <3 <3

      • I’ve been watching you guys on DA! 🙂 All of your new art is amazing Karrell! And Lisa had her baby!! I’m so glad she and her little boy are doing well! And Charles has been keeping things running. You guys are so fantastic 😀

        I can’t wait for podcast 2! I’m so excited X3 (and I like the little shout out to me, it brought tears to my eyes to hear your voices say my name and talk about me ^^)

        Tell Charles and Lisa I said hi and that I’m still stalking… er… following everyone and thinking about you guys ♥♥♥♥♥

        • Thanks so much ! We heard Bennett the last time we spoke on Skype, that was so sweet !
          I already did ! I’m sure they’ll be relieved to hear from you ! Charles was quite a lot worried XD
          It was the least we could do, to talk about you ! It wouldn’t have been fair if we hadn’t !!
          Can’t wait for Podcast #2 as well 🙂 It’s very exciting !

  3. I am listening to podcast #1. I never expected a Gargoyles podcast so…yay! I’ve been a Clan fan since the show’s beginning so this means a lot to me. I’m also checking out everyone on deviantart now.

    • Hi !! I’m happy you liked it and I hope you’ll enjoy the first and second podcast. We’re working on Podcast #3 now and it will come out soon 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your comment it warms my heart (we receive A LOT of spams!) XD

      • Listening to the second podcast now. 🙂 So I’m NOT the only person who wanted Elisa to return to gargoyle form. I have always loved shapeshifting fiction so The Mirror was a big deal to me. As were the mutates, of course.

        • She was AWESOME as a gargoyle ! And I’m sure the majority of the fans agree with us 🙂
          The Mirror is a special episod for everyone I thing. So many things happen in ONE episod… too much for my brain ahahah

          • You are quite, quite correct. It also has my favorite change of subject moment.

            “I never noticed how beautiful you were.”
            “You mean you thought I was ugly?”
            “I,uh, careful, updraft!”

            Smooth, Goliath, smooth.

            Of course, making Elisa a gargoyle permanently would have defeated the purpose of the relationship between her and Goliath but that never made me want it any less.

          • ahahah yes, I laughed to much at Goliath’s line XD
            seems like Goliath is not that confortable with seducing XD is such a teenager at that point !

            I think that making Elisa a permanent gargoyle is ALL the fans’ secret wish XD

  4. When I stumbled upon this website from the Facebook page I didn’t know what to expect. Now, I see what this is…I am in awe! With all the talk of the CON-vergence gargoyle meet up I really am excited to go there. It would be fun to meet other gargoyles since I’ve been a fan and fellow garg for many a year. Either way love the website and podcasts keep up the great work all!

    ~Lunna of Clan Steelclaw~

    • Hi Luuna ! thanks a lot !
      I’m glad you liked our work as it’s all about Gargoyles appreciation 🙂
      We’ll sure talk about the CONvergence convention, and for my part, I’ll do whatarver I can to attend ! I also want to meet other garg fellows 🙂

  5. Stumbled across your podcast and really enjoyed it. You are great and it makes me nostalgic for another Gathering 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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